Well wishes might as well wish might

Easter lily

I’ve started writing this at 2:22 pm, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that there should be a word for the magical effect of when numbers align on the time. Maybe there’s already a word, but even as kids I remember saying something like, “2:22 make a wish”. Why did the clock offer magical powers at certain times of the day? The conspiracy theorist might say that game is created to get us constantly checking the clock, that way we’ll be good employees someday. My head went to mythology first, this is culture and belief systems. It doesn’t matter what power you think the clock has, in some way or another there’s a shared belief in “Father Time”. Then that name is filled with meanings, but I like Ancient Greek Mythology, probably because I’m somewhat familiar with it. I want to say I’m most familiar with it, but I know a large part came from the cartoon T.V. spinoff of Disney’s Hercules. Not that the show was wrong, but it’s a fair disclaimer. I like to think of the Sun God Apollo when I think of time.

In truth the only story I’ve ever cared about is the Iliad. Achilles is the greatest man to ever exist. I wish I was him, but he was blessed by the Gods and is not necessarily a man so it is not possible for me. The best I can hope to be is Hector; fool who thought he killed Achilles. Later Achilles would drive around the island of Troy shouting, “I killed Hector!” Dragging the body of the slain prince behind. That’s life though, Hector knew what was going to happen when he stepped onto the field. He had a good life and the ending he deserved. I don’t think anyone could ask for more, so I guess that’s what I’ll spend my wish on.

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