Reality Reigns

This morning is a wet one. I find rain most often happens while I’m asleep, but today was a good pattern. The rain started shortly after I woke up, this isn’t the best pattern mind you because I struggle to get work done during the rain. Ideally the rain would start around noon and lastContinue reading “Reality Reigns”

Squeeze Squished Squash

Writing this is exploring myself and I’ve been avoiding exploring myself today. I always say I’m tired as an excuse, but I’m never too tired to do anything, so I wait. All I have to do is wait one month, I’ve waited years before. Who would have thought one day I’d be more excited toContinue reading “Squeeze Squished Squash”

One Per Sin Perspective

We made an offer on a house today! What an exciting time to be alive. I also went to a Target today and I felt sick the moment I walked into the store. The first thing I sea is a flood of people. I know I want no part of them, then I hear someoneContinue reading “One Per Sin Perspective”

Start stabbing a starship with a Mars tip

Today has been a lovely morning. Last night it started to rain, we slept with the curtains open so I could hear it better. When I woke up this morning it was still raining and I got to sleep in because Mary doesn’t have work today. The only way this morning could have been betterContinue reading “Start stabbing a starship with a Mars tip”