Freakin’ Fruity

cara cara orange Tree

Today sure feels like hump day. I’m so discombobulated. I hate this feeling. I want to do something, but I’m just sitting here. I hate sitting around waiting, maybe there’s some fear of missing out. I think we should make every second of our life count. That doesn’t mean to pour all our time into being the best at something, but we should be awake. We should know that we lived and put our mark on this world. It’s a shame when people want to make their mark in harmful ways. The sun is shinny today though, so it can’t be too bad of a day. Allergies have really got be bogged down too. If I wasn’t on lock down, I’d probably be paralyzed by allergies anyway. 

I just split up my cara cara orange tree into three separate trees. It’s not something I should care too much about doing because I can’t have an orange grove, they’ll always have to be in pots unless I get a great greenhouse going. The problem with this tree was I was given it, so I didn’t research it before hand. The plant got damaged in the winter and died back. Now it has the root system for the tree that got injured as well as two branches that sprouted underground. Sprouting under or near the surface means it’s likely the branch already has its own roots, which these two do. I should have three healthy trees after this, but really I was bothered by the damaged tree and wanted a normal one. I’m not going to say “no” to more free fruit trees. I’m sure one day I’ll eat oranges off of those plants even if they do grow in pots. This distraction has come to its end, now’s the time to face the rest of the world.

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