A Cute Cupcake

I’m tired. Gotta get my head straight. Vegetables and exercise would be nice, but who has the time for that. Not the time, but rather the motivation. I’m surviving today so I can survive tomorrow, can’t wait. I guess today is just meant to feel like a rough day, what can I do? I suppose I’ll watch more youtube. I listen to Eminem a good amount and compounded with having a very good memory, there are a lot of words like “youtube” and “tired” that I have cataloged in my head with his lyrics. Once I say a word, I get sucked into the song. I got a microfiber towel today, so that was exciting, now I can stay dry when wet. I’m considering getting a chicken, but I’ve got a million ideas in my head and I guess I need to wait. No ideas need to happen now, but there’s energy inside me that has to come out. Maybe I’ll exercise more, I’m just doing what I got to do to get me through the day. The days will get easier as I go on and I’ll regain a part of me that’s been lost. That part will know what to do. I’m in a similar situation as when I started writing my morning pages over a year ago. I told myself to keep writing, nothing else mattered, keep writing until it’s done. I’ll try to take that same advice into my larger life right now. Day by day we’ll get there, I’ll wake up, eat some food and it will magically become 10pm and I’ll get to go to sleep for the next day. I can do that, I need to think about if the rest of my life was like today, what would I want to be doing with my days.

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