Guac O’Clock

Homemade guacamole

I went to a farm supply store today. It was awesome. They asked if I was a rewards member when I checked out and I said no, but you better believe I’m going to be signing up before I head over next time. They just had everything I wanted. I’ll walk you through my experience. I walked in and saw some employees hanging out at the register, so I immediately hooked a right to avoid them. That led me to the bird seed section, I ended up getting some seed because I’d like to attract more birds to hang out in the garden. That reminds me that I need to fill up the humming bird feeders. We were getting a lot of humming birds last year and I eventually had to stop filling the feeders because ants had found a path to them. The feeders were hanging from an eight foot high ceiling by a wire and the ants got up there. I think I’ll get one of those tall metal hooks and hang one of the feeders off that in the back yard; they were both on the front porch before. After I saw bird seed, there were planters and I almost bought one, but I’m going to get it from Walmart for cheaper and more decorative. I want a big planter for this big fern I’ve been building up. Going deeper into the store I saw a microscope set up on a TV to look at a leaf and it made me want to set up my microscope so I could take better plant pictures. Well looks like I’m about done writing for the day and barely got into the store, so I’ll summarize the rest. They had chicken feed that I’ll have to get when I have one, as well as many other types of animal feed. There was all sorts of farm hand equipment and most importantly clothes. They had tough clean(as in solid color) clothes, I can’t wait.

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