Who Dat?

Budding orchid

Mother Mary visited me today, she told me to slow my roll. Not sure what exactly to make of that. I have been having trouble figuring out how to make my own rolled oats, maybe I should slow down the press. Speaking of the press, I see the news is in the news today. Isn’t it funny how people always talk about how bad the news has gotten? It’s always been the same. Tomas Jefferson said the man who doesn’t read the newspaper is uninformed, and the man who does read the newspaper is misinformed. I think Trump stumbled upon something very true with the term “Fake News”, because what is real news? The only stories without any bias are math equations. We all know we only look at things that entertain us, so if anything wishes for our attention, it must be entertaining in some sense. The sense I mean is engaging with us, if I were to ask why do I enjoy Led Zeppelin; it makes me feel something. If something has your attention in this day and age, it’s not by accident. Shoot, most of us get all info from a feed and we request has a personalized algorithme. Imagine the internet with no filtering algorithms. As soon as anything is posted to the internet across all platforms, it is pushed to the front of every screen. It would turn into a constant swiping of slides that blurs into nothing, it doesn’t work without a filter. In my head, I say that’s people digging their own graves, and I get it, I’m dramatic. I just think there’s something lost in when it becomes digital, like the smell of a dewy field in the morning, it can’t be bottled. Like my mind, it can never be translated into 1’s and 0’s, but you know the program probably tells me to think that way.

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