Pretty Pair of Peaches

This morning is feeling pretty good. I’ve been working with this anti snoring device I got, they’re tubes that go in my nostrils to allow for more air to pass. I don’t really snore, but I don’t get enough air by breathing through my nose so when I sleep my mouth opens up. The anti snoring tubes came in four different sizes/type, there’s large and small, ribbed and smooth. I’ve been trying to figure out the right one for me and maybe last night I got it right. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but I feel like I wake up with more energy using the tubes. My energy had me reading my homebuilding book this morning for longer than I expected. That’s good because I want to finish that book asap. I’m beginning another attempt at three days in a row of dieting, given that those three days are Friday through Sunday, I don’t know how successful I’m going to be, but my diet is good for me so it’s always best to be trying at it. A similar situation is my book, I can’t expect to complete it in one sitting, but day by day I can work away at it.

It should be raining today, so I’m looking forward to that. The weather is super weird right now because at night it’s getting down to 36 F in the Southern part of Tennessee. I moved some of my weaker and more precious plants to cover for the weekend. I don’t think there will be real trouble though, that happens when the soil in the pot freezes. Right now the temp is dipping at night and getting up to around 80 F during the day, so there’s no freezing, but I’m sure the plants still don’t like being close to freezing temps.

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