Cry baby will buy maybe

This morning I drove to a prospect for the farm. I wasn’t wowed. It would work and I would be happy if I got it, but I’m not being forced to make a decision. The place I went to today was partially cleared out in the front and it’s enough to build some stuff on, but I wouldn’t be able to start growing plants without chopping down a lot of tree. I would like my land to have trees because the past couple days when I’m bored I think about chopping wood for fun, but that’s just it; for fun. If I have to cut down hundreds of trees before I can get to work, I should have bought land without the trees. Because I maintain realistic sights, this parcel would be acceptable, but I doubt I’ll buy it. I’m about three weeks away from being able to take my land searching serious. I have to visit the one farm I wanted to buy and see if they plan to put it back on the market again because I haven’t seen anything on the same level as that. There was one place that was really nice, only problem was it was next to a highway. Without finding anything I’d be happy to commit to, I will probably start asking people around farming areas, but especially in farm supply stores if they know anyone that might be selling. I think that would probably be the best approach, except it’s the worst sort of work for me. I spend so much time daydreaming about what I’d do if I had land that I might jump on whatever I can get as quick as possible because I just want to work. That’s the problem with this world, so many middlemen that can’t do anything but shuffle papers get in the way of actual work getting done.

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