Fiery Feast or Frozen Famine

Inside of a fire

There’s an Eminem song that starts with, “Let me explain, just how to make greatness”. About every morning when I open the file to write, my head says that quote. It’s a great line for the song and probably why I imagine it for this because you’re immediately pulled it, the song is well underway before the listener even realized. I watched an interview with Adam Curry last night, I had no idea who he was before hand and have little idea who he is now, but in short he invented the podcast. He also made something like $65 million from investing in Ask Jeeves. Listening to him speak, I knew my brain works similar to this guy. Maybe why humans need communities and to communicate is because when we’re inside our bodies, we know something is weird. That weird feeling is probably the root of all existentialism and philosophy, they’re saying, “I know something is up, let me think my way through it.” Then when we talk to other people who are like us or they get to know us and don’t attack us for being ourselves, then we feel better. This guy made me feel better about myself because in some way he provided a mirror to me and he’s doing quite well for himself, so I feel like I can be myself and still do quite well. I’m an extremist I think, so I’ll give an example how Adam lives by nuance that I probably wouldn’t. He eats meat, thinks it’s cruel to animals, but wouldn’t kill his own meat. He’s conscious of being tracked so he has a third party phone operating system, linux computer, but still owns an Iphone. There’s nothing wrong with all that, people have to decide where they are on every spectrum and even I’m somewhere on it, usually close to the edges though. As he explains himself, the best answer I think of is, “You gotta be providing for yourself.”

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