Mellow Monday Morning

This is the first thing I’m doing today, mostly because I don’t feel like doing anything else. At least if I write this, I’ve done something productive today. A struggle with dieting is with the weekend I want to relax a little because it’s the weekend, currently my best tactic to not over eat when not eating my scheduled foods is to under eat in general. That brings me to this morning where I’m probably calorically low, so I don’t do the things that are good for me. 

I was talking to Mary yesterday, she’s been going through a tough time for awhile, but finally opened up a little bit to me yesterday. It was needed because it felt like there was a wall in-between us and when she explained how she had been feeling, I felt like I unaware of what exactly she was feeling. I wish I could help her more, but the ideas that are bugging her are not of my world. Maybe she’ll talk to someone trained to handle those problems because the most I feel like the most I can do to help is be there for her, but realistically that’s not all a person needs. She means the world to me and I hate to see her suffer. I hope I’m doing the right thing. I guess that’s what I’ve been going through, walking around I can feel something is wrong, but having no idea what it is. There’s no challenge that can’t be overcome, if it’s faced head on. At the same time, problems are solved with tools designed for specific problems. I’m not going to hammer a nail with a pillow. Time heals all wounds, for now I guess I’ll just get through the day and see where that leads. A friend told me about his mother inlaw saying she’s in a job she hates, but she only has to put up with it for five years. I can’t imagine how it feels to intentionally write off five years of your life.

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