Wet and wobbly wheel

I’ve begun tracking bugs now

I’ve been tired lately, I’m not taking very good care of my body. Mostly I’m not eating right, I’ll go most of the day without eating much of anything and then at night I’ll gorge myself. I’ve got nothing wrong with that routine in principle, but during the day I’ve got no energy to do anything without eating. I’m stuck in an in-between, this is what I hate about house shopping, there are long stretches of time that have nothing to do with me. I could go into it more, but I’ve done it in the past. Maybe I’ll try to explain things with a more Thoreau approach. I was born without choosing to be born, that means someone else had an intention for me or they didn’t. This far in my life and no one has come forward to let me know the purpose of me being born, that tells me I’m responsible for my own well being. All that just to say, I have a right to life after being born. “Life” is then defined by whatever over arching organization you choose to live that life under. What that might look like is where I live I will pay a certain amount in taxes, but will be provided things like access to water, electricity and police. I don’t have to pay my taxes and I don’t have to drink tap water, but I’m always allowed to exist. On the surface, buying a house is an agreement to pay a certain amount of money and you can become the organization that rules over the agreed land. That may be what it’s like when the property is for sell by owner and you have the purchase amount in cash, but otherwise we need to bring in more organizations that have more rules to follow if you want to succeed in that system. I have to sit quietly while these big machines get me to point B. I’m trying to be prepared for when I arrive there, but I don’t know if I’ve put the right fuel in to even get started yet. I can’t wait for these people to be replaced by computers.

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