Good Beef Water

(Well, well, well)

Tomato flowers

Today’s already been a pretty good day and it isn’t even lunch time yet. That’s what happens when I eat a proper breakfast. I got a bunch of reading done in my home building book, and I finished the chapter on framing a roof. Next I can learn how to finish a roof. I also ordered books on electrical, plumbing, and general home repair. I’m trying to power through these books. I don’t care if I absorb everything I read, I will absorb a lot and a lot of the material I’m going to read in different books will be reiterated. My strategy is keep reading so I’ll learn the terms in all the different fields, then as I reread topics I’ll be able to get more out of them without having to ask myself, “What is a joist and where are they?” It’s exciting though when I’m finishing a topic and I can visualize building it as I read. 

When I was around 14 I liked to count cards in black jack because for some reason I always enjoyed challenging my memory. Another game I played as a kid was to memorize a license plate with one look and see how many days I could passively remember it; I would do the same with people’s SSN in the Army. Anyway, I learned a technique for card counting where you imagine you’re in a room and you begin to fill the room with objects that correlate to cards played. For instance Jack’s may be represented by bunnies(jack rabbit) and if three were played, there would be three bunnies in the room. That way instead of trying to remember arbitrary numbers, you look around yourself. I’ve heard Tesla would be able to visual inventions he wanted to make inside and out before they existed, so this is a special gift and I don’t think a lot of people have it.

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