Happy Monday

Today is supposed to be veterans day so I figured I should talk about that. I probably have just as many conflicting emotions on the topic as the average American. Obviously I don’t want wars or people to be hurt. I want the quality of life I have for everyone and if that group hasContinue reading “Happy Monday”

Grooving and Moving

It’s Sunday morning, close to about noon, but I’m just getting around to this. I don’t really have anything in mind to talk about so it’ll be a little stream of consciousness in the river of consciousness that is my blog. Everything’s going well, this weekend has mostly been about relaxing, my wife was supposedContinue reading “Grooving and Moving”

Special Report

Recently my wife and I had a tif because I ask for her opinions about what I’m doing here. I love my wife and I’m happy I can trust her to be honest with me, but I was hurt by her saying my morning pages seem muted since making them public. I want to beContinue reading “Special Report”

Slow and Steady

I know I promised to get caught up on my life details and in this post my intention is to talk about fitness and gardening. Of course I’m always an artist and my writing is therapeutic for me, but I’ll try to stay on those two tracks for a minute. First the picture above isContinue reading “Slow and Steady”

Do I have your attention now?

I’m so sorry morning pages, I’ve turned you into an evening page today. I don’t have much time, my wife and I are going out to have a fire with another couple any minute and I’m trying to sneak this in while she gets ready. I’ve got so much to tell you that I couldContinue reading “Do I have your attention now?”

Tuesdays are for Therapy

Sorry but it doesn’t seem like I have a picture for you today, and why should I, I don’t even know if you want pictures, so I’m not going to go out of my way to serve someone who might not exist! I figure I’ll try and post a picture from the day before, ifContinue reading “Tuesdays are for Therapy”

Ghosts of Past Plants

Good morning pages, I’ve made good on my promise and brought a picture of my greenhouse for the class today. I don’t know if I have too much to say about it right now, maybe someone will see this and ask a question. I’ll let you know that I’m not the type of person thatContinue reading “Ghosts of Past Plants”

Batten Down the Greenhouse

I remember from my days of answering questions on Quora that answers with photos would get significantly more views than those with that. Given that, I figured I would try and share a picture with each post. It’s not that I’m only after getting more views I can, but if I’m going to put myContinue reading “Batten Down the Greenhouse”