I don’t have to put up with this

Alright morning pages, I don’t know what’s been up lately but I feel like I haven’t wanted to talk to you. Maybe I’m tired and don’t feel like doing it, maybe I’m putting too much on myself and I’m beginning to fall towards depression. Whatever it is, I’m still here for another day. Today wasContinue reading “I don’t have to put up with this”

Infatuate the Sound

It’s coming up on 11 am Sunday morning. This has been a nice Sunday, I haven’t been so happy in a long time. Last night my wife and I hung out with another couple. The girl knows my wife from college and her husband has a B.A. in philosophy. Yesterday he said he’s read DuneContinue reading “Infatuate the Sound”

Weather Report

Good morning pages, I’m hanging out in my studio working on origami. I made a paper crane to give to my little when we meet and when I was talking to a friend he mentioned a truth I was trying to avoid. That I need to have the technique memorized in case he wants meContinue reading “Weather Report”

As the World Turns

Squeaking in at the end of the day, I don’t know where to begin, I just have so many thoughts. I’m thinking about pursuing a career as a painter. Really not much would change about my life, but a ton would change about how I see myself. In that BBBS interview it seemed like theContinue reading “As the World Turns”

Mid-day Dawn

Good morning pages, my drawing practice is coming along really well. Of course when what I’m making is pleasing to the eye that makes me feel good but beyond that it’s becoming easier to draw for longer periods of time, that fills me with confidence and motivation for the future. I have been at aContinue reading “Mid-day Dawn”

Catching Waves

Today is another one of those Tuesday is for therapy days. I actually have a pretty busy day by my standards. In two hours is my individual therapy, afterwards I’m planning on doing my food shopping. Then I’ve got a pretty big chunk of time before group therapy. I didn’t go to group therapy lastContinue reading “Catching Waves”

Not Today

It’s that time again for Chris’ brain dump. I’m currently making food to meal prep for my week. I’ve got 360 g of rice boiling next to a minced onion grilling. That’ll be the entree of lunch for the next eight days. I also started cooking pasta for my dinners but I’ll do that onceContinue reading “Not Today”

Saltwater Salad Dressing

Good morning pages, I’ve put you off for long enough today and I don’t want to forget to do it entirely. Not much going on this weekend, been relaxing with the wife. I just got finished cleaning the house. On Tuesday I have my at-home interview with someone from Big Brother Big Sister. They’re goingContinue reading “Saltwater Salad Dressing”

I’m Beginning to See the Light

I hope you’re having a beautiful Saturday morning. Some how I’ve developed the habit of waking up early and going to the gym. It’s a fairly new concept to me because I’m used to having to talk myself into it. Now I don’t set an alarm, but at 6 am I’m fully awake and goContinue reading “I’m Beginning to See the Light”