Amor Fati

Today I’m 32 years old. That seems crazy to say, I’m just a kid. I remember sitting on my parent’s front stoop grinding Ritz crackers on the concrete to make them square, and only last year I ate dirt for fun. Being in my thirties makes me an adult, how did this happen? I’ve beenContinue reading “Amor Fati”

Cloning Clowns for Cool Coal

We made it, the last day of February, boi it felt like this month dragged on. For a little while I thought the month was going to go on forever, but we can put this one in the books, “February 2020: Complete” Now on to bigger and brighter futures. I drew today. I drew aContinue reading “Cloning Clowns for Cool Coal”

Not till the appropriately sized woman sings

Tomorrow will be a good date. 2’s and 0’s flying all over the place. Today went really well. The exercise Ben started me out on was thought provoking. As I was leaving he said, “Sometimes it’s harder to figure out what needs to change than it is to change it.” Then he mentioned Yoda. NowContinue reading “Not till the appropriately sized woman sings”

Loosen Rigidity

Rubberband man can’t stand. His bones have turned to gelly and he’s cascading to the ground. Concentric circles forming a rubber volcano. I feel like that last sentence needed a primer to hibachi because I’m thinking of when they stack the onion rings and make it shoot steam. I saw my therapist today. I supposeContinue reading “Loosen Rigidity”

That’s gonna do it for me

Well that’s interesting. I just looked at my hand and it was glowing red. Now that could be from sticking my hands inside some burning coals earlier, or the red shift from my screen could be really bright. I guess I’ll never know. I told that stranger yesterday that I was born again. He spokeContinue reading “That’s gonna do it for me”

The best part about me is I am not you

I try to stay humble because there’s no room for growth when you think things are as good as they can get, but I watched Good Will Hunting again recently and there’s a part when Matt Damon’s character says to Ben Affleck’s that he wants to be doing the same thing in 20 years. BenContinue reading “The best part about me is I am not you”

There has probably never been a human as brilliant as I

I’m writing this with music in my ears, so I thought my train of thought might be a bit sporadic. I then realized, that’s every time I write. The music is Bach’s mass in B minor. It’s honestly wild that this sort of stuff exists and that it’s no longer the height of culture. IContinue reading “There has probably never been a human as brilliant as I”

Frozen Grass, Fragile Needles

I’m still feeling pretty pooped today. Who knows what’s going on with my body, but I figured I would try to get my morning pages down as soon as I can and spend most of the day recovering. Nietzsche had some sort of sickness most of his life that left him only to be ableContinue reading “Frozen Grass, Fragile Needles”