A Watery Palace Wells with Platitudes

A moss ball I started

I’m trying a new thing as part of my perfect schedule, to write my morning pages while eatings breakfast. I’ve often felt while eating I’m wasting precious time I could do some sort of work. I think Thomas Jefferson would read during breakfast and I suppose ideally I’ll read during lunch if I’ve already gotten this written down. Today is another rainy day and tomorrow is my haircut, so I don’t expect any huge changes from myself, but I keep saying to myself that I should try to do the healthy things today because that means they’ll be easier in the future. Making things easier in the future is a pretty good deal to me. I was already reading this morning, not as part of my perfect schedule but rather because it can be nice to curl up under a blanket with a book next to a lightning storm. I should have had some Poe, but I’ve been reading this book called The Invention of Peace by Michael Howard. It was recommended to me recently when I asked my old lieutenant for good history books, he’s always been a history buff. It’s relieving that I’m enjoying the book because I can talk to him about it when I finish. I’m sure he’ll want to talk about it because when you read obscure books, the number of people who discuss them dwindles. I find it super interesting to think of peace as an invention and a relatively new one at that, only being thought up about 200 years ago and to some extent accomplished in the last 50. Howard starts from around 800 AD to explain how war was accepted as a part of the natural order, it makes sense from a logical perspective. Then with the enlightenment and the big boi himself Kant, ideas for a secular peace come about. Of course a lot happens to lead to the enlightenment, but a lot of modern ideas on violence are based off of 50 years experience, not all of humanity’s. 

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