Texans Attack Taxes

The thermometer in my greenhouse isn’t having fun

Good morning pages, I’ve got a big plate of eggs and am ready to do some self exploration. I think yesterday I mentioned I was reading The Invention of Peace and I’ve been continuing along with that. My ultimate question in life is, “Who am I?” that way I can figure out what I am supposed to be doing on this Earth, and for a guy who is interested in his past I am woefully undereducated in History. Maybe I didn’t have ears for it when I was younger or I had poor teachers. In my experience school focused around Math, Science, History, and Language Arts, but only Math and Science were seen as pathways to a job; unless you wanted to teach. It’s a shame because History and L.A. are basically teaching our culture. Children are basically taught they will only have value if can think like a machine and the only good answers are the ones with a clear distinction between right and wrong. All this is made worse by “teaching for the test”. The people are taught to think like machines and then they invented computers to replace themselves. What is a person’s value after they’ve been replaced by A.I.? That’s why I mostly care about art, and I extend art into everything: war, writing, accounting. I think that’s a mirroring of people finding God in everything and I’d say art offers us the transcendent feeling that God offers to humanity. I know life is hard, but I want people to believe there is a divine being inside of them so they know they can overcome any adversity and have the capability to create new worlds that no one has ever thought of. There isn’t a loftier goal for me than standing at the edge where no human has gone past.

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