Cheap Meat and Bird Words

Thank you Mary for today’s title. Today has been down right groovy. Although it did start off a little rough. After getting my wife’s breakfast ready, I fell back asleep and had a sleep paralysis dream. This is the second one I’ve had lately and it makes me feel like everyday I’m treading for water with the occasional gulp too large. It’s that fear that drives me, like I have to know death in order to fight for my life. So I wake up and stretch my back. I’ve been running more frequently and I went for a run today! Thank you, hold the applause, you can return the roses. I’ve got a nice every other day streak going that I hope to continue. I continued to work on my outhouse today and may do some more work on it tonight. I think I’m going to be doing a nicer door than I had originally imagined because I’ll probably build this in my backyard and I need to figure out how doors work. At the very least it will give me a play building to test plumping and electrical work on. I’ll spend so much time experimenting that I’ll have an electric power hot water bidet for my outhouse. Today I also took the plastic off the windows. The plastic is put on around fall to act as another layer of insulation. I like them and feel they decrease draft. I was looking in my text book(De Cristoforo’s Housebuilding Illustrated) about installing a window and this book does everything so tight that I guarantee most houses aren’t up to snuff. The house built from this book won’t have any drafts. I poured over the book for awhile today. I definitely want to read it from cover to cover. That could possibly teach me everything I need to know, but it would be enough to know how to properly ask the question for things it doesn’t teach me. I need to finish that permaculture book.

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