Passing Sassy Sally while wild Willy puts pudding somewhere

Me and pup gardening

Hey Mary, sorry I didn’t write you last night, my wife gave me the idea of not writing and calling it an April Fools thing. I didn’t really feel like doing this yesterday, so I took it. I’m back now though because I don’t want to drop the ball. Crazy to think that if I’m lucky I’ll write here everyday for the rest of my life. I’ve already kept this up for over a year and that is more dedication than 99% of the other stuff I attempt. It’s hard to know what you will enjoy doing until you jump in. I talked to my friend Joshua about moon landing conspiracies recently. The context was along the lines of conspiracies in general because I was talking about Mike Tyson and a different friend, Brad, he said Tyson only became the champ because he had connections to the ruling class; Tyson chicken anyone? I’m sure I’m over simplifying Brad’s argument and I don’t disagree with him. The point is I said I’d rather live in a world where Tyson’s rags to riches, fighting his way to he top, story is true. I will often argue humans have never landed on the moon, whether or not I believe that, I don’t care, what I do is point out how little evidence it takes to convince a person that something happened. Joshua said he prefers to live in a world where the moon landing did happen because it represents the coming together of different people to solve a global problem and that inspires him. I had never thought of the moon landing as inspiring. Probably the root of my dismissal is that I don’t find value in it. I do find value in a guy being a good fighter though where Brad had never considered that. These opinions and thoughts are what make us individuals, and if we stopped talking to everyone who didn’t see eye to eye with us on every topic, then we might as well start pouring gasoline all over Main St.

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