To the Monks Among us

Baby grapes

I’ve been tasting the plants in my garden a lot lately. All winter long I watched a mustard plant turn into a monster plant, but I had no idea what it tasted like. A couple of days ago I thought that the plant is so big that me taking a bite out of it isn’t going to hurt it. There was so much flavor in the tiny amount I ate that my mind was blown. It was reassuring that I’m on a good path. There is a lot to be learned here and it’s good for my health. I’d love to eat a cauliflower head someday. I’ve got an eggplant growing, but it hasn’t grown any fruit yet. Today is the first time I’ve ever had a grape vine grow grapes! I’ve got a picture of the tiniest baby grapes you’ve ever seen. I’m so happy by those grapes. I was not expecting them to fruit this year. It shows how dramatic the difference is between plants grown in the ground and in a pot. I’d wager that difference is found in the plants grown with hydroponic or aeroponic too. Probably the reason aeroponics is allowed to work is because we only care about big plump produce now, like the difference between a California avocado and a haas avocado is the amount of water. Flavor is lost on us. Growing up in Philadelphia, I’ve never known the taste of real food. I think that’s like saying I’ve never lived. I’ve never breathed fresh air. I’ve never fed myself, proven that I could live on my own and my way works in this world. There are positive feedback loops in nature, we used to exist as part of one. We really got off the rails with the way we live now. That’s why we need crypto, people will finally be turned into Watts.

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