Pitcher Plant Pot

Cabbage leaf

I went to Tractor Supply Co. today, it was pretty similar to the place I went to yesterday. There may have been more stuff at the store today, but between Walmart and Home Depot I can probably get anything that I’m going to need. I will probably go to the store I went to yesterday in the future. What I bought today was a 20 inch pot for my fern, a stand to hang a hummingbird feeder, and another watering can. I had been thinking lately that I wish I had a watering can in my green house, those plants don’t get watered enough because right now I would need to switch two hose adapters that are set up to run water to the drip irrigation. I also got in the mail this peat moss I ordered and I was able to repot my pitcher plant. The pitcher plant has been in a surprisingly small pot for how big that plant is, so I’m really hoping to see some massive pitchers in the future. The only problem with a bigger pot is I’ve got to hang it. Previously I had my hanging plants on the top of the green house, but it’s made of some pretty light weight poles and I don’t trust it to support this new weight. I’ve been running a few ideas for a stand I could make and if it’s outside I could use the same sort of stand I used for the humming bird feeder, but in the meantime I’ve got it hanging from the edge of a metal table that the pitcher plant also hung from last year before I had the green house. Next I’ve got to repot my venus fly trap since carnivorous plants use the same soil substrate.

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