Guac O’Clock

I went to a farm supply store today. It was awesome. They asked if I was a rewards member when I checked out and I said no, but you better believe I’m going to be signing up before I head over next time. They just had everything I wanted. I’ll walk you through my experience.Continue reading “Guac O’Clock”

Very Therapeutic

Mein, rough day on the farm. I spotted some birds beginning to nest on our rafters. Every year we can expect this nest to build a couple inches taller. Looks like today’s bachelors are deciding their fate. It’s beautiful to watch chicks grow on our front porch(enter Mathew Mcconaughey meme here). I try to teachContinue reading “Very Therapeutic”

That cloud looks like a bluejay

I’m afraid this morning page has a bit of a prompt, I wanted to write about how much I love my wife and was thinking that it would be fun to go through Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs as jumping off points for what she gives me. I do worry though that maybe I love herContinue reading “That cloud looks like a bluejay”