Express Expert

Pilea flower buds

A lot of plant stuff got done today. I started the morning off by trimming my hedges, these were the first hedges I’ve ever trimmed and they weren’t pretty. I hope it’s the last time I ever trim any hedges because next summer I think I’m going to dig them up and plant a prettier and lower maintenance garden instead. Once a year trimming isn’t bad, but it requires a power tool, compared to the garden where I pull weeds with my fingers. I mowed the front and back lawns after trimming. I decide that I’d like the back yard grass to be more lush, so I’m cutting at a higher height on the mower. I thought about aerating the dirt, but decided my dog probably tares it up an acceptable amount. Maybe I’ll do a proper aeration in the fall and overseed as well. For the meantime I want the grass to have a chance to live and grow. Then I sprayed the house for bugs and repotted my venus fly trap. I’m a little scared with this one because my last fly trap died, in my defense that was due to the cold and I’ve made it through winter. I don’t know what to expect with repotting these carnivorous plants, but I want them to get monstrous chompers. In the afternoon I put together a metal arch that connects the left and right parts of our front yard garden. We have some wisteria plants that we would like to grow up and attach to the arch, that way you’ll actually be walking under the vines of the plant. Outside of that today has mostly been chill. I’m trying to figure out the best way to leave bird seed out to where only the birds get get it without having to buy any special feeder.

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