Serenity in Troubled Waters

This is a clever repurposing I came across this weekend

The veil is lifted and what is seen? Fortune and fury. We bury the dead and cheer the child for walking. For what can a child do but follow in the footsteps of their elders? My footsteps will lead to Humbaba. When Baba is you Barbara Ann is too. Shakespeare wrote so well, it’s hardly worth saying anything at all. That’s why I should be reading him to write my wrongs. You’re only as good as those you surround yourself with. I search for giants with broad shoulders. Raising the bar too high can cause despair, but it’s only temporary. Stay focused on that star and it will reveal a mirror. Do good onto others.

I suppose I’ll return back to English, I mean, what is that stuff? I guess what I’m trying to do is pack as much meaning as I can into what I’m saying. There is a sacrifice to a coherent story, but that only shows a lack in my skill. I have to keep trying at it if I am to succeed in saying more. I had the thought that in trying to have multiple meanings to everything I’m saying, I went from having a conversation with myself to having a conversation with my-selves. I’m not very good at characters, I’m sort of unidimensional in my morality, so I struggle to put myself in a characters head who has goals other than the greatest good. I suppose I could if I think about the thief that steals a loaf of bread to feed his family, you just scale it up to promoting sub prime loans to short the housing market. I don’t like playing those characters though, I see myself in them, but I want to know what’s at the molten core of my soul. Tomorrow I’ll begin learning from Ben, I hope it goes well and that I will test my metal.

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