Not till the appropriately sized woman sings

Tomorrow will be a good date. 2’s and 0’s flying all over the place. Today went really well. The exercise Ben started me out on was thought provoking. As I was leaving he said, “Sometimes it’s harder to figure out what needs to change than it is to change it.” Then he mentioned Yoda. Now that I notice that I’ve called him Ben, Ben Kenobi, would be great because then I get to be Luke which is at the epicenter of the Hero’s Journey for me. I can’t believe how much we covered in our conversations, I performed him my Rap God verse because I figured he had probably never seen anything like that; He’s 70 years old. I know Shady has mass appeal and Ben is hip, but he was putting kids through college instead of popping molly. Which makes me think about my life. Is he what I could have been if I went another route? Both timelines leading to art. He got a business degree.

Oh man, I caught him checking stocks! I told him about my crypto currency trading. I was thinking that I should talk to him about my day trading. Today we only talk about long term stocks. He gave me advice I’d never heard before and told me how I could check for myself to see if its true. He asked if I’ve ever written a novel and I feel like that’s not a question a lot of people would ask, then I felt ashamed for never getting around to writing my book. I’ll see if he’d like to help me write it because when I showed him my raps he mentioned his recording equipment and OMG I almost asked if he ever made an album! If he said no we would have been on the same page. Anyway, what I was trying to say was the exercise had me only drawing the dark parts of a picture. More important my lesson is that I didn’t get it right so I have to keep working on it.

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